Hait - Days Of Prayer And Thanksgiving, Joy And Fun


Hait - days of prayer and thanksgiving, joy and fun

One of the largest holidays of Islam, Ramadan, which is the month of joy, barokot, Fayz for Muslims all over the world, is EID al–Fitr-Ramadan Hait. 

Ramadan, the Sultan of months, is a month of mercy and blessings of Allah, as well as kindness, containing virtues and beauty. This is the month when hearts soften, humps disappear, the gates of heaven open, and the gates of hell are hidden. On this blessed day, to visit our parents, relatives, Yoru brothers, to receive news about the condition of the sick and the faint of heart, to provide them with material and spiritual comfort is one of many noble deeds.

As it is noted in the sacred verse of Karim, "the reward for good is only good." The more we do good deeds, the more we show kindness, the more we create, the more people will agree with us, the more we will avoid various troubles and evil, the more we will reveal our path. Therefore, considering the value of these holy times, let what we have done be only good.

Ramadan Khairu is a month of generosity. Our high-ranking people have stepped up their charity events even more this month. Muslim believers supported each other, extended a helping hand to those in need.

The days of the holiday are days of prayer and thanksgiving, days of joy. These are noble places where the good of this world and the future life are concentrated. The circle of common joys on this day will expand when visiting shrines, visiting people and relatives, and when gifts are shared with them, the bonds of mutual affection will strengthen and there will be even more Shodu-Hurramites. It is advisable for a Muslim to try as much as possible to share joy with people-relatives, especially with those who need it, during the days of Eid al-Adha.

Uzagrosugurta JSC will congratulate all our compatriots on the holiday of Ramadan Hait.