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Employees Of Uzagrosugurta Jsc Visit The Czech Republic


Employees of Uzagrosugurta JSC visit the Czech Republic

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of August 2, 2019, DP-4412, at the initiative of the Chairman of the Board of Uzagrosugurta JSC, to study foreign experience in the insurance industry, improve skills and promote the development of the insurance market in Uzbekistan, a group of employees of the company’s system is taking part in a training and practical course on “Sales management of insurance products”, which takes place in the Czech Republic from 15 to 24 May.

Classes of this training course are conducted by professors and teachers of the European Institute of Applied Science and Management, as well as qualified specialists of leading insurance companies of the Czech Republic. At the same time, it is planned to get more closely acquainted with the practice and experience of Czech insurance companies.

As is known, developed countries, especially the European population, cannot imagine life without insurance. Insurance has become an integral part of the lifestyle. This is because they know that their loved ones, family, or their own life, health, valuable property, business, and other things can be unexpectedly lost, destroyed, materially, or morally damaged due to various natural phenomena or force majeure. Thanks to the insurance, they get out of such difficult situations without losses. 

The ongoing training and practical course are aimed at studying these and other aspects of the activities of insurance companies operating abroad, professional development in what “path” the insurance sector has gone through to date, and what attention has been paid to. 

It is worth noting that back in March this year, 16 senior employees of the system received certificates for improving knowledge, skills, and qualifications in the field of insurance in the Czech Republic in the direction of “Innovative methods of Czech insurance companies in the implementation of insurance services in the retail segment”.

Summing up, professional development projects in foreign countries with a developed insurance market contribute to further improvement of human resources, the creation of conditions for the application of best practices, as well as achieving high results in the activities of industry representatives.