"Uzagrosugurta" – Against Corruption


"Uzagrosugurta" – against corruption

A seminar on the topic ”We should not be indifferent to corruption“ was held in the joint-stock company ”Uzagrosugurt".

The event was attended by department directors, responsible employees. Specialists of branches and insurance centers in the regions monitored the event via videoconference. 

At the event, it was noted that corruption is an evil that leads the state and society to an economic downturn, and information was provided about the work carried out today by "Uzagrosugurta" JSC to combat corruption. The participants were provided with information on the assessment of corruption risks, management of conflicts of interest, consideration of incoming reports on corrupt behavior, professional ethics of employees and their responsibilities to combat corruption situations. Also, in these directions, information was provided on the documents adopted by the company and their execution. 

At the end of the seminar, an agreement was reached on the regular holding of meetings and events aimed at improving the knowledge and skills of employees in the field of anti-corruption.


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